Law Related To Guardianship

The most common question that arise in our mind is what is guardianship? A person is rendered the power of guardianship, who can take every decision that involve pertaining to the benefit of another individual, who is not capable to shoulder his or her own responsibilities .

The Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 gives the liabilities to the assigned guardians to take decisions related to lifestyle and the possible medical requirements for the individual who is incapable of taking such decisions. The State Administrative Tribunal holds the right to appoint an individual to take the guardianship of the person incapable of taking decisions for them. A person given the right of guardianship has to be older then the age of 18 and act for the best of the assigned individual and not look after their own benefits.

Schedule 1 of the Guardianship and Administration Regulations 2005 has some specified rules and regulations regarding the submission of the required documents. The legal document won’t be valid if it is not submitted following the rules and regulations of the organization. It is also required to sign the documents by the required appointee under the presence of two witnesses and also by the appointee under the presence of two witnesses. Get in touch with our expert panel to have a clear idea about how this process takes into action and all the procedures involved.

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How It Works?

Guardianship involves certain terms and conditions and sometimes the authority of the assigned guardian may be limited to certain fields only. For example, if the guardian is assigned as a plenary guardian then the individual has the right to take decision as to where will the represented person reside, with whom they can reside, whether they are liable to work or not, and the type of education they would be receiving.

A guardian should always work in the best interest of the represented person making them liable to take proper beneficial decisions for themselves.

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