Testamentary Trust Wills

Testamentary trust will is defined as a type of trust established will which was made for providing maximum time flexibility allowed for distribution of the capital estate and income in the same way providing proper protection of the beneficiaries mentioned in the will from the third parties like creditors.

How Does It Work?

When an individual dies all their estates are collected with proper documents, scrutinized under proper validity before distributing it to the entitled beneficiaries. The taxation for the estate of the individual will be charged as a whole and the individual beneficiaries won’t have to undergo individual taxation. This is the benefit of creating testamentary trust will.

This type of will is of great beneficial for providing the minors or the young adults with proper beneficiaries and not allowing them to spend everything at the estate at once. Like other wills it also requires allotment of a trustee who is generally in charge of distributing all the assets entitled in the trust.

Sometimes the matter of dividing the assets will be mentioned in the will and sometimes it is totally dependent on the trustee to choose the matter of dividing the assets.

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Apart from the assignment of proper division of the property the trustee is also responsible for clearing all the tax related issues involved with the assets before dividing it among the beneficiaries. If a trustee feels incompetent in doing all the allotted work then he is more than welcome to seek the help from the supreme estate lawyers available in the town.

The trustee does not hold the right to invest the assets of the individual frequently or use the assets for their own benefit. If find out by any other person then they are liable to file a probate against the trustee. The trustee has to file an annual report about the condition of the assets of the individual for the court to validate it and keep it under their supervision. Not involving the court in the issues may lead the trustee to face much more complications.

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