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Estate Dispute Issues

Estate litigation is the resolution of disagreement linked to an estate, trust or guardianship. As opposing sides are generally members of the same family, these disputes are legally complicated and emotionally tough. Because of their unique type, they may be settled privately or via legal process.

Estate litigation is different from a business or employment conflict; our estate litigation lawyers tackle these cases with understanding and sensitivity.

Many times, a sibling starts litigation over a parent’s estate, that includes allegations that the Will does not show deceased’s true desires or does not fulfill his/her obligations according to law. This is one of the example out of many other matters that our firm handles successfully. Some of the matters that our estate litigation lawyer deals with are:

  • Will challenges.
  • Joint tenancy disputes.
  • Trust disputes.
  • Trustee disputes.
  • Guardianship disputes.
  • Power of lawyer disputes.
  • Lawyer negligence in will or trust preparation
    Passing of accounts.

Whereas it maybe most common for siblings to be at odds over the terms of an estate, trust or the care of an elder, estate disputes may be started by any beneficiary. Any person who has or might have an interest is allowed to go after legal action. At Estate Planning Lawyers in Perth, our real estate litigation lawyer gives expert advice and representation to individuals on all sides of an estate claim.

Risk Management

We deliberately encourage a consultative relationship with our clients to help them keep away from disputes when possible and to settle disputes efficiently. It has been our knowledge and understanding that this process allows our clients to anticipate budding issues earlier and to deal them with more speed and efficiency, and often more positively.

Our commitment
Estate litigation need professional and experienced counsel that can appreciate and understand both the complicated and often difficult legal and financial issues associated as well as the delicate and many times emotional nature of these cases. Our real estate litigation lawyer has the expertise and experience, and is committed to giving its clients with the top level services, while continuing the utmost discretion.

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