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Understanding The Law Related To Probate

According to the Administrator Act 1903, probate is a process that involves proving the Will of a deceased person in the Supreme Court. Once it has been granted by the Supreme Court, then the executor declared by the deceased person, will hold the right to deal with all the assets and liabilities of the estate.

What Happens If The Probate Is Granted?

According to the best probate lawyer Perth, once the grant for the required probate has been issued under the supervision of Supreme Court then the executor hold the right to deal with all the properties mentioned in the Will of the deceased person. The executor is subjected to take all the possible duties in their hand to ensure that all the liabilities are paid off before the Will is divided among the beneficiaries.

If there is some amount in the bank account of the deceased person, then the bank has the right to ask for the grant on the name of the executor before handling all the money and the funds related to the account to the executor. So as the Landgate, organization that deals with the land in Western Australia may ask for the grant to be showed by the executor to transfer all the Real Estate property according to the Will.

The Process

The application for probate is submitted to the Court by the declared executor in the deceased person Will. It is very important for the executor to take professional legal help to have an idea about how the process takes place. An executor has to do a complete research on the amount of the assets the deceased person is having with their valid papers in the name of the deceased person, with their exact value and the location and submit all the details to the Supreme Court.

The application also requires an evidence to involve that the individual making the will is actually deceased. The documents shall be properly validated by the Court to make the executor liable to take all the necessary decisions regarding the property of the individuals.

Since it involves a lot of paperwork, it is always important for the individual to keep a check on all the important documents. A document getting missed may not be considered by the Supreme Court later on.

So it is better to consult Estate Planning Lawyers in Perth to work out all this process in a hassle free manner. All you need to do is to get in touch with us via email or phone and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

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