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Procedure To Be Followed For Making A Will

An executor is appointed by the individual to look after the property and must collect all the assets of the individual, clear all the required debts and distribute everything that the individual owns at the day of the death according to the Will.

It is always recommended to properly understand how to make a Will by consulting a professional lawyer. Get in touch with our expert panel of lawyers to gain proper information regarding this.

How Can an Individual Make a Will?

For you not knowing the law, the question of how can I make a Will is very natural to arise. To make a Will it is required for an individual to be over 18 years old, ensuring all the specific wishes of an individual in proper writing and have the document signed in the presence of two witnesses. Our lawyers always suggest an individual to update their Wills from time to time if:

  • An individual has remarried, divorced or separated.
  • If an individual has more than one children.
  • If the individual has growing chances of acquiring debt or being insolvent.
  • If the chosen executioner expires or gets ill.
  • Several dispute arising in the family among which the assets should be divided.

Importance Of Making A Will

It is always very important to make a Will. If an individual does not make a valid Will than their estates would be divided by the Government using a fixed formula. This applied formula does not depend on any situation and circumstances though it is same for everyone.

  • If an individual makes a Will then they decide the actual distribution of how the estate would be divided among friends, families and charities.
  • The individual can appoint anyone to administrate the estate out of their choice.
  • The individual while making a Will also hold the right to select the preference for the guardian of their children.

If an individual is still in a dilemma about the process that is involved in making a proper and a legal Will, then they are always welcome at Estate Planning Lawyers Perth. We would feel grateful to serve the individuals for their need.

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