Law Involving Intestacy

If an individual dies intestate is referred to a person who has died without making any Will. This can even take place if a deceased individual has made a particular Will at a particular time and got separated with their partner or remarried after that. In such circumstances the court passes all the declared assets in the Will of the deceased individual to the next member of the family close to them.

Intestacy law Perth states that if the deceased individual is unable to leave a proper Will then all the individuals whether the spouse of the deceased, parents, siblings, children, and all other relatives who are directly related with the deceased individual are liable to become the beneficiaries of the estate.

There are certain rules of intestacy WA under the supervision of the state. According to the Administrator Act 1903 if a deceased individual expires without making a valid Will, then a person who is legally entitled to get a proper share of the required estate may give letters for administration. This letter of administration entitles the estate of the deceased person to be administered by the individual giving the letters. This letter of administration should be made if the amount of the estate of the individual should be of $10,000 or more. An individual is always welcome to take proper guidance from our experienced lawyers to know the validity of their application.

How The Letter Of Administration Works?

Court gives the right to the parents, children, sibling, grandparents, and spouse of the deceased individual to give the letter of administration. If none of them feel interested, then a relative directly related to the deceased individual is liable to apply.

The documents should have proper evidence of the property declared by the deceased individual, with proper evidence that there are no valid Wills to claim those estates and the person applying for it is entitled to submit the letter of administrator. Before applying for such process it is always wise enough to have a proper knowledge about the involved paperwork.

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