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Disputing A Will

While making a Will, an individual needs to choose an executor to manage all the related assets, clearing all the debts and distribute all the remaining assets post death of the Will maker. If the terms and conditions of the Will are not suitable for the individual to take up , then they may opt to dispute a bill. The individual should also be well prepared with all the legal documents before declaring the Will to be dispute. The individual should also have to be very close with the one making the Will otherwise disputing a bill won’t do any good to them. The Court sees the relation with the individual claiming the dispute with the one making the Will before taking the dispute into account.

According to our lawyers the cases of disputing a will are increasing. It is always recommended to consult an experienced lawyer before claiming the rights and proceed with the disputation of the bill.

The executor should always prepare themselves beforehand keeping in mind the situations that can arise if the Will is challenged. It is very important for them also to consult proper lawyers to know the possible chances of the dispute to arise.

Our lawyers can provide you with expert guidance in such critical situation. It is quite easy to connect with our panel of lawyers over the email or phone.

Role Of A Lawyer

The law related to this matter is very difficult for an individual to understand as it involves a lot of terms and conditions, hence it is always better to contact a professional lawyer to seek proper guidance for the required procedure.

A lawyer can verify whether the claims provided by the individual to challenge the Will is valid or not. A lawyer can guide you properly to make the proper documents that are required to be submitted in the Supreme Court to challenge the Will. It is also important for an individual to remember the certain time limit within which they have to submit the documents.

Before doing any of these it is always important to consult a professional lawyer with proper experience in this field. Estate Planning Lawyers Perth has solved several cases of challenging a Will over the years. Our lawyers can easily be reached over phone or email.

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