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When an individual dies, all their possessions right from their real estate properties, stocks, money, personal belongings etc becomes a part of their estate. Estate Administration Services refers to the process of collecting all the estate maintain a proper record with all the verified documents involved, paying all the required debts if any and clear the required taxes, and distributing the rest of the estate left after all the clearance among the rightful individuals inherit to the estate. The right to the property is determined by a Will, if there is no Will then the process of intestacy is involved.

Estate administration lawyers Perth have always been there to clear all the required doubts arising in an individual’s mind regarding the legal issues that involves the process.


According to the Administration Act 1903 probate is the process of proving the Will of a deceased person in the court to validate it.

When an individual dies without making a proper legal Will, then the Supreme Court has the right to determine a person who will be heir to the estate. In such instances an individual needs to obtain the letter of administration from the court allowing them to deal with the assets of the deceased individual. This is a very long process and involves a lot of monetary exchange. The individual also needs to have proper consent letter from the other beneficiaries involved in the estate or the executor. If one is looking forward to this process then it is better to hire a lawyer for proper guidance.

If an individual wants to apply to grant probate in the Supreme Court then the individual being the executor needs to prove that the person making the Will was deceased and that this was the last and final valid Will. Once it is granted the executor has the liability to take proper administration over the estate of the deceased individual. The executor is than officially allotted to look after the deceased individual estate until it is getting distributed to their heirs.

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