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The term ‘deceased estate’ refers to the assets and property of a person who has expired. This can consist of personal possession, real estate, money, as well as other assets. Our Deceased Estates Perth Lawyers have years of experience and knowledge where our clients gain from our expertise.

When you choose us – Estate Planning Lawyers in Perth, we make sure that you completely get to know the legal implications of your choice by educating you. Our Deceased Estate Lawyers bring a personalized service to clients and in fact act according to our client’s best interests. Our expertise stretches to an extensive understanding of how to choose the appropriate strategy for each of our clients.

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Who should be nominated as executor?

A lot of couples select each other as the executor of each other’s estate, with their children performing together as back-up executors and trustees. If the children are too young to perform or are not suitable for some reason then in such situation third parties must be selected as executors or back-up executors. Those who often get selected for this position are solicitors, accountants and family friends (if possible with business experience).

The Role Of An Executor

An individual titled as executor in a Will has the duty to apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate and to manage the deceased estate. This includes assembling and managing the deceased’s assets, paying debts and allocating deceased estate assets to beneficiaries. The role of an executor can be challenging and complicated.

Grant of Probate

Probate is the procedure of having a Will authenticated by the Courts. Once granted, the executor named in the Will can handle the assets and liabilities of the estate.

By setting our client’s requirements at the forefront of our service, we make sure to satisfy their needs with our full potential. Our deceased estate Perth lawyers customize our service according to your requirements and objectives.

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