Court Ordered Wills

Law Related To Court Ordered Wills

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Court ordered Wills are some legal documented Wills that is made on behalf of someone who does not have proper mental capacity or the ability to take decisions for their own beneficiaries. All the states of Australia have different legal terms and conditions related to the court ordered Will since 2006. As the population is increasing day by day the growth for the need of court ordered wills are also increasing. This part of law is quite confusing and often requires some special assistance with one having proper idea about it. It is always recommended to hire a professional lawyer who can guide you through the different processes involved in this particular event. Check our website for more services that Estate Planning Lawyers Perth offer in such cases.

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Different Conditions Related To Court Ordered Wills

There are different terms and conditions related to the number of court ordered Wills that an individual can apply. The following are the situations of the individual that are mainly liable to apply in the court:

  • If an individual was born healthy enough to take beneficial decisions for themselves but later on lost their mental capacity due to some uncertain incidents involving some kind of accident or illness that damaged their brain temporarily or permanently then the previous Will that the individual had made will not be considered as valid by the Court.
  • If an individual was born with certain disorder in mental capacity and they were always unable to think for their beneficiaries then they would never have the liability to make a proper Will for themselves.
  • If an individual was born with certain mental disorder but was responsible enough for taking certain relationships in their life regardless of their mental capacity then their mention should be entitled in the Will under the supervision of the court for properly validating it.

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